1989-1991年  ベリーカレッジ    絵画のクラス
1993年     ジョージア大学    美術学部版画科 卒業
1997年     イリノイ工科大学   建築科大学院 卒業


Kyoko is a visual artist whose work expresses the transient time of nature.

Born in Japan, she moved to the U.S. when she was 18 years old. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Architecture degree, she has worked as a CG designer in the engineering industry for many years.

Kyoko has explored both traditional art media (papercut, printmaking and painting) and new media art (digital art and animation) to express her ideas.

Her artworks are strongly influenced by Japanese aesthetics and art such as kirie (papercut art), ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), and sumi-e (ink wash painting).


Growing up in rural Japan near the ocean and mountains, I have always been fascinated with the natural organic forms and patterns nature creates. My artworks explore these delicate patterns of natural phenomena such as water and wind movements.


1997 Master of Architecture - Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL
1993 Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking -The University of Georgia, Athens, GA
1989-1991Drawing and Painting studies - Berry College, Rome GA


EMAIL : Kyoko@kyokoendoart.com